One thought on “Die Geschichte der Khasaren Mafia – Jan van Helsing (36:10)

  1. This compilation is pretty accurate, the Khazarian Babylonian zionist maffia infiltrated practically every institute of power and authority. The most important ones are, however, the scientific institutions, in particular the physics communities. For example, the ‘Einsteinian relativity’ theory is totally wrong, and it is this theory that prevented the ‘Christian’ Western scientists (who developed Classical Physics) to develop very powerful alternatives for the fossil fuel based energy infrastructure. Is it surprise to you (considering the KM political and financial power) that a simple patent clerk aka Albert Einstein (just another KM zionist), who had NO degree in physics whatsoever, was able to “revolutionize” the classical physics? Einstein’s corrupting influence physics (and that of many other KM physicists) are one of the most important factors of control over humanity. In particular it is THIS factor that we can overthrow by deductive logical reasoning and scientific experiments. We can turn back this KM false “revolution” in physics; in fact this is the only ‘conspiracy’ theory that we can prove scientificically to be true. As a consequence, we can start to use our sun as the primary energy source for our daily needs, by developing the technology based on Tesla’s primary ‘cosmic’ rays.


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